What Do You Call It?

April 30, 2013

I'm RichChildren normally only see a small part of the world. In fact, where we grow up influences how we dress, what we say, and even the language we speak! However, it’s important for kids to know that not all children are the same.

In What Do You Call It?, Zev Lewinson takes us on a worldwide journey that explores what children around the world call their most treasured possession: their pacifiers. The book’s quaint yet simple language is in sharp contrast to the dizzying adventure that unfolds: children from America, Mexico, India — and beyond! — are all represented in this cacophony of their diverse, yet unique, native cultures. The warm, bright illustrations (by renowned SwordPen artist Lisa Griffin) further bring to life the intense joy that all children feel when their world is at peace. From the dry heat of Saudi Arabia to the chilling cold of Russia, the pictures truly bring out the special geographic and cultural qualities that are unique to each and every country represented in What Do You Call It?. At the end of the day, everyone wants to teach our children tolerance for all human beings. By any standard, what all children (and adults!) truly desire is echoed by the famous motto: Peace On Earth. By reading What Do You Call It? your child will gain an appreciation and respect for the cultural diversity and ethnic differences that we — as humans — all share. Lewinson truly brings out a poignant lesson in this masterpiece: what is most important is not the color of your skin (or even the color of your paci!) but the kindness and understanding that you have in your heart. This immortal lesson can never be taught early enough, and leads all people (and their kids!) to peace.