I’m Rich!

January 17, 2013

I'm RichMany people around the world are engaged in a pursuit of financial gain. But what would happen if you could simply get all the wealth you wanted — for free?

In I’m Rich! a father meets a genie who simply wants to fulfill his every wish and desire. The reader is taken on a magic carpet ride across countries, cultures — even the universe! — to witness what the genie is capable of conjuring. But (to the genie’s dismay) every attempt to grant the protagonist’s wishes are flippantly refused. The genie — eventually reduced to desperation — is at a loss to understand why the man won’t accept any of the vast riches he can provide. Finally, the father shrewdly reveals the truest, most genuine treasure he possesses — and at the same time, teaches the reader a valuable lesson about materialism, life, and love in the process.