The Golden Butterfly

April 10, 2012

how mice became smallIn this magical adventure Joy learns that while butterflies may be of different colors, opinions, or ideas, it is when they join together that they can truly create a brilliant and colorful tapestry of life.

Nowadays children are exposed to many different ethnicities and cultures. Of course, this is a wonderful experience to be had. But how can we teach our children to love one another when people are so different from one another? Lewinson’s new book, The Golden Butterfly, brings to light this very question. Featuring a cheerful and bubbly protagonist named Joy, the golden butterfly of the title, the story develops around her search for friendship. However, when Joy encounters darker-colored butterflies, they shun her as an outcast. Thankfully, a kind and understanding stranger befriends Joy and she manages to form a compelling and happy relationship. Lisa Griffin brings Joy’s story to life with serene, rolling fields of flowers and calming colors. The whimsical, happy tale will delight both children and adults, and it is stimulating and touching all at once. Adults can see that their children will truly internalize the deep message woven throughout the book. Especially highlighted in this magical tale is the understanding that our differences are what make us truly special. The Golden Butterfly not only teaches us to love one another no matter how different we are, but it explores these mature themes so children can appreciate the poignant lessons involved.