How Mice Became Small

September 14, 2011

how mice became smallCruel King James is magically transformed into a cute little mouse as he learns that true happiness comes from giving, not getting.

Did you know that mice used to be 20-foot-tall, vicious carnivores? In this story, King James takes over the world in an attempt to satisfy his materialistic needs. He soon realizes that the more he has … the more he wants! Many children nowadays are bombarded with messages to “buy this” and “have that.” However, it is all a vain attempt to make them happy, and material goods will always leave them dissatisfied. As Henry David Thoreau said, “That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” This timeless message is woven throughout How Mice Became Small. Kids need this understanding to be able to prosper through life happily, without becoming greedy over what someone else has. This book will show children that doing for others, making society a better place, and helping the world prosper with a non-materialistic outlook on life are the true acts that bring happiness … not hoarding away yet another bicycle in our treasure vaults.